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Royal Pie Co believes that high-quality operations require the best equipment.


The meat pie is a food product, which has savoury fillings in a pastry shell. Traditional fillings include beef and cheese, steak, chicken and vegetable to name a few.


Usually eaten hot from a paper bag, with flaky golden pastry and savoury fillings, the pie is unpretentious comfort food.


Our products are manufactured in close proximity to each outlet, and in some instances right at the outlet location. This enhances the overall product quality and freshness whilst reducing the overall cost for the end consumer. We pride ourselves on quality and value for money meals.

Quality, Value


Royal Pie Company is a proven concept, superior quality and favourable value for money product offerings mean that even in the current economic climate  Royal  Pie is a  highly competitive business.


Our current economic climate has placed pressure on the general consumer and as a result research has shown that consumers are focused more on value for money product offerings.

This is why our factory-type outlets are aimed around a  "more" value yet high quality product  mix; all stores, menus and designs have taken these research points into consideration.


Our Unique factory outlet has been designed in such a way so that customers have first hand insight into how the pies are manufactured, fillings are made and the end product crafted to perfection.


Handmade pies made in our


Our pies are made freshly every day at our factory store. You are welcome to visit and buy a warm pie directly from our factory or buy a box or two of frozen pies to bake at home or visit any of our other outlets.

You are also welcome to phone for larger orders or school deliveries.

240 Simon Vermooten Road (between Motor &, Axle Street, Pretoria, 0127


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